Volunteer Testimonials

Joyce, Companion Volunteer

I love being a part of Hospice because it is a place where I can be present and that's all that is required.  I'm present when reading to someone who loves mysteries and I get to add some drama to the dialog.   I'm listening (and sometimes singing) to the Beatles and seeing people gently moving to the beat.  I'm holding someone's hand or brushing someone's hair and feel the body relax.  When I am present with them, I know it is a great visit no matter what happens.

Mary Grace, Companion Volunteer

Volunteering for Bella Care Hospice has been a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. When I first moved to the Dayton area, I was looking for an opportunity to help connect me to the community and give me a sense of purpose. Joining Bella Care’s volunteer team gave me that connection and meaning. The patients and their family members are so grateful when I come to visit, and I always leave feeling like I made a little bit of difference in someone’s life during a very difficult time. I am so glad I chose to volunteer with Bella Care! 

Nancy, Companion Volunteer

Both of my parents were in hospice. We have a big family and someone was always visiting my mom. I went several times each week. I noticed that several of the other patients in the nursing home did not have any visitors. That really broke my heart. It's so important for people to feel valued and cared for. I truly enjoy my hospice volunteering. Some of the patients are hard to connect with at times, but I still try. One of my Bella Care patients told me that she loves when I visit because I listen to her talk and it makes her feel important.

Kate, Massage Volunteer

I'm a licensed massage therapist volunteering my services through Bella Care Hospice. This experience has been outstanding from the first time I met Abby, the amazing volunteer coordinator, and throughout every day that I spend time with patients.

It's evident that Bella Care is centered around providing thoughtful, compassionate, and individualized care for patients. Not only does that enhance my volunteer experience, but it also allows me as a massage therapist to give each individual a personalized approach to their massage therapy. Every person I work with is so special and I am honored to be able to share time with them in these moments of their lives. Thank you, Bella Care.

Carol, Admin Volunteer

I travel with my husband for his work as an Electrical Automation Engineer. When his trips are extended stays, I look for a place to volunteer: to bide my time, be productive, and be helpful. Bella Care Hospice has been one my favorite volunteer opportunities. I have volunteered for them, on and off, since 2019. 

My particular skill set, work preferences, and irregulr attendance all leads me to work in their office and do clerical and special projects. This is a great group of people to work with. There is always something or someone to keep me busy, and for that I am thankful. Being a clerical volunteer allows the staff to focus on patient service; which is a win-win for everyone.

Lee, Student Volunteer

I have found volunteering with Bella Care Hospice to be an immensely rewarding experience. It has been amazing to get to know and learn the story of each patient I visit. Seeing their faces brighten when I greet them never fails to make my day. I cannot think of any activity that is as enjoyable and impactful as providing companionship to hospice patients, and I would greatly encourage anyone considering volunteering with Bella Care Hospice to give it a try!

Alex, Companion Volunteer

Volunteering with Bella Care Hospice has been such an incredible and formative experience for me. With each patient that I visit, I get to learn something about their history, their stories, their families. Spending this quality, one-on-one time with them has allowed me to see just how impactful it is for their well-being.

As an accepted medical school applicant, I can confidently say that my volunteer experiences with Bella Care has helped shape the kind of physician I want to be: one who prioritizes a human-centered practice and makes communication and connection central to their care. I strongly encourage any prehealth student to volunteer with Bella Care to gain valuable clinical experience, and more importantly to make meaningful impacts on patients.

Nate, Spiritual Care Volunteer

As a Minister at a local church, I regularly see the blessings of hospice among my congregation. I get to see first hand how the love, care and compassion of hospice impacts families and patients. I have been blessed to volunteer with Bella Care over the past year. The work that they do is amazing and truly makes an impact on their patients and their families. I have greatly appreciated the time I have been able to minister to patients and their loved ones. Bella Care has allowed me to build relationships that I would not otherwise have been able to build and has let me serve in a way that has a visible impact on those around me.

Lisa, Companion Volunteer

Volunteering with Bella Care Hospice has been incredibly rewarding! Not only have I learned a great deal about the benefits of hospice care, but I’ve also realized that each patient has led a remarkable life. No matter what the interaction is during visits, whether it’s softly playing music, gently holding a hand or talking about one’s family, the visits are always moving. A smile, a quiet hello, or a tiny giggle from a patient gives ME such joy. It truly is a privilege to be a hospice companion volunteer!

Carolyn, Companion Volunteer

I have enjoyed volunteering for Bella Care. I never imagined how fulfilling it would be! I really love making a connection with the patients and their families during these trying times in their lives. I hope that I can bring them peace as they are in turn bringing me peace in serving them.